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*We help all kinds of businesses and individuals with loans ranging from $1 million to $120 million.

Stock loans for high-net-worth individuals
You can get the cash you want without having to sell your stock
Quotch: Discouver Benefits

Quotch is a Premier Partner of Stone Creek Global - a direct lender.
We facilitate loans by acting as intermediaries between two parties: one party who provides us with borrowing capital wants to invest that money wisely; another party needs money now and will use their stocks as collateral.
You Reap 100% of All the Rewards of Any Appreciation and Dividends
No Business Income and no Business Tax Returns Required to Get a Loan
You do not have to disclose liability on financials, partners, or other financial lenders due to the fact that you are not obligated to pay back the loan and for you this maybe a major benefit why you want this structure for privacy and so it does not impact your personal financial statement
You are not personally liable for the loan

Unlike a margin loan, where your personal assets can be on the line in the event of default and unlike a traditional loan that takes collateral in the form of property or shares when it comes time to pay up, we keep our lending collateral separate from the borrower’s personal assets.
Quotch is a Stone Creek Global Premier Partner
Quotch is a leading stock loan and non-recourse lender, offering fast closings, competitive rates, and quick funding for our clients. We are a direct lender, which means that we work directly with the borrower.

We provide transparency in a time where transparency for all parts of the financial services industry has been lacking. First and foremost, we are a value-added lender. We are solving a problem that exists in the marketplace by making access to capital easier than ever before.

We take a philosophical approach to lending. We aren’t just interested in making loans; we’re interested in solving problems and building long-lasting relationships with our clients. One of the ways we achieve this is by not being restricted by geography or traditional lending guidelines.

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