All the benefits

You have stock, but now you need extra cash to help with the next step in your business or personal plans. You’re not ready to sell, but you don’t want to go into debt.

We have three unique stock loan programs:

  1. Penny stock/Emerging Growth stock priced under $1.00 with normal trading volume
  2. Non-Marginable stock priced $1.00 to $5.00 with normal trading volume
  3. Marginable stock priced $5.00+ with normal trading volume

Here are the ten major benefits of our non-recourse loan:

  1. You are not personally liable for the loan.
  2. You are not personally guaranteeing the loan, so you may not be required to disclose to others, for privacy many borrowers prefer this feature benefit.
  3. You will have a clean personal balance sheet that leaves room for other refinancing and acquisition financing opportunities and can make borrowers more attractive to lenders.
  4. Quotch has no recourse against you – Quotch cannot go after you personally if Quotch sustains a huge loss of money on your loan, Quotch takes the loss and all the risk, you are not at risk of repaying any losses from a sudden collapse in the price of the securities pledged for your loan.
  5. Quotch’s loan structure provides access to you to ongoing sources of capital with other financial companies because Quotch loan is non-recourse.
  6. You can walk away from the loan, the day after the loan is funded and not be liable for any future interest payments or principal repayment with Quotch's non-recourse loan.
  7. Your personal Credit, financials, income, tax returns do not come into consideration with a non-recourse loan.
  8. In the case of a default, Quotch can only seize the collateral pledged for the loan and cannot go after any of your other personal assets. You are safer with a non-recourse loan and have more options and security than a recourse bank loan or a margin loan.
  9. You do not have to disclose liability on financials, partners, or other financial lenders due to the fact that you are not obligated to pay back the loan and for you, this may be a major benefit why you want this structure for privacy and so it does not impact your personal financial statement.
  10. You have less risk and you do not have a forced obligation for a balloon payment so if in the future you lack money then you can easily decide to walk where with a recourse balloon payment loan with a bank or brokerage you would be forced to pay it off risking all your other personal assets.

Author: Julia Shareiko
Photo: Unspalsh